1. Abrasives

    Get your hands on abrasives that harbor exceptional quality and incredible durability of Superior Pads and Abrasives. With our premium standards of manufacturing we ensure that every unit produced boa

  2. Backing Pads

    Authentic design meets meticulous engineering expertise to produce supreme quality backing pads that exude ruggedness and reliability. At extremely competitive prices, Superior Pads & Abrasives produc

  3. Buffing & Polishing Pads

    Superior Pads & Abrasives offers buffing and polishing pads manufactured with skillful workforce and flawless production methods. These buffing and polishing pads are perfect for craftsmen looking for

  4. Rotary Tool Accessories

    Make your rotary tools more versatile and extract additional productivity out of them with Superior Pads and Abrasives's finest range of rotary tool accessories. Featuring high quality build, contempo

  5. Sanding Pads

    Manufactured under high standard production methods, Superior sanding pads are destined to provide reliable performance over longer periods of time while maintaining rugged and sturdy profile to bear

  6. Grinding Wheels & Flaps

    When all you need is quality and performance in a job of professional grinding, you can put your faith in Superior Pads & Abrasives range of grnding wheels and flaps that are manufactured with

  7. Sanding Discs

    Coated abrasives can be used for most applications, from grinding to polishing. They consist of a thin layer of abr

  8. Bristle Discs

    Superior Pads & Abrasive Bristle Discs, provide more surface contact than wire brushes and retain abrasive properties throughout the life of the discs.

  9. Rags & Towels

    Introducing commercial grades Rags & Towels. Frequently used for Wiping Spills, Grease, Oil, Tools, Grime and Fluids. For use in Industrial Facilities, Factories, Machine Shops, Garages, On The Job, A

  10. Metal Brushes / Wire Wheels

    Removing rust, scale, paint and corrosion is best done with a hand wire brush or power grinder wire brush. Choose a cup brus