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  RSP59, RSP61, RSP63 Adhesive Polishing Pads

July, 2019

Superior Pad's 5/8 Inch-11 UNC Hook & Loop Polishing Pads are now in-stock. Shaped by injection molding, with high rebound resilience and durability. Suit for high speed polishing or sanding, and with good thermal endurance. Available in three different inches 6”, 7” & 8”.

RSP60, RSP62, RSP64 Hook & Loop Polishing Pads

July 2019

Introducing 5/8 Inch-11 UNC PSA Adhesive Polishing Pads. This sander pads have an Adhesive Sanding Surface for accommodating sticky adhesive (PSA) sandpaper. Available in three different inches 6”, 7” & 8”

 Superior Pads & Abrasives RSP46 & RSP58 Sanding Pads

June 2019

Now in stock high quality sanding pads featuring medium density that improves polishing power. These pads are compatible with most rotary buffing machines and are suitable for high speed sanding and polishing.

 Superior Pads & Abrasives Bristle Discs

May 2019

Superior Pad's Bristle Discs last longer than most abrasives and provide the same finish and cut throughout their life. An operator quickly and easily achieves a quality, consistent finish. These fast running discs efficiently clean or strip many substances from metal surfaces without damaging the work piece. Available in 3 grades & Green, Yellow & White color.